Mafia Wars Cuba

On June 4, 2009, Mafia Wars released a new stage of the game located on the island of Cuba. The new stage in Cuba is similar to that in New York because there are Jobs, Loot, Collection Items, and a Mafia Store. However, there are many other changes in Cuba.

Job Tiers


Cuba Post Card


In Cuba, to make money, you now have to purchase a business, and upgrade it to acquire more pesos. When you first travel to Cuba, you are given the Bodega to start you off to earn some pesos. There are six total businesses in Cuba, one of which is the Bodega. The other five must be purchased and upgraded. Your businesses acquire goods in three hour periods that can be sold off to earn the player pesos. See: List Of Businesses (Cuba)


Similar to that of New York, Cuba offers a Mafia Store where weapons, armor, and vehicles can be purchased, and unlocked. Cuba also has a Loot section where you can view items you looted from various jobs in Cuba.


  • Currency is now in Cuban Pesos.
  • Businesses earn you income over a three hour period, instead of a one hour period.
  • Instead of "upkeep" in New York, you have "bribe penalty" which deducts pesos from your three hourly income.
  • In New York, you purchase properties to make income, but in Cuba you must purchase, and upgrade businesses to make income.