EnforcerAgostino Cleto

Boss Fight - Agostino Cleto

This is the fourth job tier you will encounter while playing in New York. This job tier is unique in many ways. For one, this is the last job tier in which you will encounter a boss fight. Your boss fight will be against a man by the name of Agostino Cleto. Secondly, in this job tier, you will notice that to do some jobs, you will need certain items only attainable from the Job Preparation section of this job tier. There are still seven jobs in this tier, but you must also complete the Job Preparation jobs in order to earn the title of Master Enforcer, and receive the Money Plate for doing so.


Jobs Preparation


In this job tier you will have the chance to find items from the Cigars Collection, the Spade Flush Collection, and the Billiards Collection. Also, while doing jobs you have a chance to loot items such as an Armored Truck, a Concealable Camera, Computer Set-Up, and Untraceable Cell Phone.